Day 2: The Stranger

I woke to a grey day, the first of many. Without much ado, I breakfasted, packed up my tent and set off. A couple of kilometres down the road was Plas-y-Brenin Outdoor Training Centre. A footpath took me through some of their grounds. Turning a corner, I encountered a curious sight. There appeared to beContinue reading “Day 2: The Stranger”

Day 1: Summertime on Snowdon

I missed the bus to Pen-y-pas (damn those Saturday timetables) and tried thumbing for a lift instead. I was picked up by a man who was tremendously excited to be in the mountains with his son (“There they are, Willoughby! Hee hee! There they are!”). It was, in fairness, a gorgeous day – Summer’s last,Continue reading “Day 1: Summertime on Snowdon”

Day 0: How do you get two whales in a train?

The kindness of strangers began to manifest itself straight away. Seeing my ungainly quickstep as I rushed for the bus, a woman pulled over and offered me a lift to the stop in the next town, which I gratefully took. On the bus an old lady struck up a conversation reminiscing about the days ofContinue reading “Day 0: How do you get two whales in a train?”